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Argo Rebates gives you direct connection to
loyal customers and reach more consumers

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Argo Earnings

Grow your brand with Argo


Digital Rebates

Bring in new consumers with special product rebates and increase store traffic during slow periods


Customized Rewards

Reward loyal customers and give them plenty of reasons to come back


Track Activity

Know how often customers shop, redeem rebates or offers, and how your marketing program is performing


Email Spotlights

Co-market with us to create targeted emails to bring them to your products in store

Argo Dashboard

Argo Rebates App

Argo puts your product right in your customer's pockets. Create incentives to get new customers, and increase sales during slow periods.

Argo Dashboard

Digital Marketing and Reporting

Let us set up custom rebates for you any time. Have your message right in front of potential customers at every purchase. Track your rebate programs when they are in market.

hardwareNo new hardware
trainingNo staff training
set upNo setup fee

Smart loyalty program for your business

Download Argo


Customer downloads Argo Rebates App to smartphone.



Clerk rings up a purchase as he or she normally would



Your store receipt
gets printed and handed to the customer.



Customer captures a picture of the receipt using ArgoRebates app



Customer earns rebates and/or loyalty points on every eligible purchase

Download the Argo Rebates App

Use the The Argo Rebates App to
  • Discover nearby offers
  • Keep track of your earnings
  • Find local stores on Argo
  • View your purchase receipts
Argo Rebates Android App


Loyalty program

  • A simple point-based program
  • You set rewards threshold
  • Customers capture receipt to get points
  • We track points and redemptions for you

Acquire New

Promotional offers

  • Self-service offer creation
  • Free support and coaching
  • First month is on us


Digital receipts

  • Access to a digital copy of every receipt
  • For returns and exchanges, find the receipt even if your
    customer can't

Increase Brand

Brand Rebates

  • Brands and distributors offer
    digital rebates and promotions for liquor store consumers.
  • Increase sales on high-margin products.

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The simplest marketing platform

No training required for your staff

You design the rebates and rewards and your staff doesn't have to do any legwork. Customer captures receipt and redeems rebates or rewards.

No Setup required

Use your existing POS hardware and software. No downtime.

Risk free

Try the first month for free. Even after the first month, there's no contract, no obligation!


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